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Exzak Inc. :: Company Profile

Just trying to keep the doors open?

In a time when everyone is reducing their vendor base, companies as large as G.M., Delphi, and Eaton Automotive have added Exzak as a supplier.

Consider Exzak

Exzak has reduced cost as much as 20% on their machined parts by setting up cost reduction plans. We at Exzak understand the need for American manufacturers to become competitive in today's world market. We have created a corporation committed to lean management and multi-tasking that allows us to provide our customers with low cost, high quality, and exceptional service. Exzak's cost savings are even more important to our medium and smaller customers who are continually challenged to show cost saving to their customers.

We provide gages, work holding fixtures, checking fixtures, specialty machines, mechanical and ergonomic design and build, exhibit work, detail work, as well as Prototype Machining.

We believe that our response time to our customers' needs, dedication to quality, and commitment to lean operations explains why this has been our best year to date while so many suppliers are downsizing.